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If you're a cosplayer who's gotten their account application approved, look no further for ways to grow your following on Otasuke, right here!


    The goal of Otasuke is to connect Otakus and enthusiasts from all over the world - cosplayers and supporters alike. Hence, our platform was made for it to be a tool for cosplay creators to have another means of gathering community funding for future cosplay plans and cosplay projects of our creators.

      To maximize the potential return of investment, here's a set of tips on how to gain supporters with Otasuke.

Tip #1

Once you have your cosplay photo selected, access Otasuke and press the center Plus button to upload your cosplay photo.

Give it a short but related caption then put 3 relevant hashtags before posting. The hashtags are required and don't need the actual "#" key to work; the app does it for you.


Tip #2

If this is your first time using Otasuke, let your supporters and friends in other social media know that Otasuke is out and downloadable. Feel free to screenshot both the app and your profile page and share it to the world. 

Be sure to add your Otasuke User ID so that it'll be easy for them to trace you right away.

Tip #3

When a fan or a supporter comments on your uploads, we highly encourage you to respond in kind. Supporters seeing that they're recognized and noticed motivates them to support you even more!

A short "thank you" goes a long way. What more if they sent you Happiness Points, more reasons to be grateful to them for that little something. Speaking of Happiness Points...


Tip #4

Under your notifications tab, you can see who among your supporters has sent you happiness points and on which post of yours. In return, you can send them a "Thanks Cat" as a show of appreciation, and to confirm that you did receive their donation / sign of support.

There's nothing that pleases a supporter than their idol or senpai noticing them / knows that they exist in their life, even in a little way.

Again, Otasuke aims to bridge the gap between our creators and their supporters. A consistent cycle of give and take sprinkled with appreciation and acknowledgement brings forth Happiness to everyone!

We hope that you get to use these tools to the full and hope that this helps make you and your cosplay quality grow alongside us!

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