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How about Otasuke?

We share Happiness!

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An App to unite cosplayers

around the World

An App that will share Happiness of

J-Culture and Further Beyond!

App Main Features


• Create a user account as a Creator or as a Supporter.

• Support your favorite Cosplayers, Idols, Icons during In-app hosted contests!

• Like your favorite Creators' photos with Happiness Coins, share the support, share the love, share happiness!



About the Otasuke App

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I withdraw Happiness points as cash?

Please apply through MyPage "Apply for Withdraw"

Can anyone make a creator account?

Yes but the admins will check  your SNS if you are a cosplayer.

If the admin will not admit to your creator account application, can I still apply?

You may try again after 24 hours.

How do I vote for cosplayers?

Pursue the Happiness points in the app and push the like button


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Download Android.png

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