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Quick Guide for Cosplayer & Supporter Accounts

In Otasuke, accounts are categorized between Cosplay Creator accounts and Supporter accounts. The easy part is getting your account created [and approved if you're opting for a Cosplay Creator account]. For Creators, the hard part is earning the app's in-app currency: Happiness Points, and getting a steady following to support you. For Supporters, the complex part is how to use the Happiness points you've earned, or bought; and how to get the cosplayers who you support to notice you.

Here are a few quick guides for both account types to help you out to make your stay in Otasuke more enjoyable, long-lasting, and smooth-sailing! 

So you've created your Creator account, it gets approved, and you posted your first cosplay photo. What's next? "How will I get happiness points from supporters? How do I get more followers?", you wonder...

otasuke creator.jpg
otasuke supporter.jpg

So you've created your Supporter account to support your favorite cosplay creators. "How do I use the in-app currency and how do I get more?", you wonder...

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